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The Cookier Club

The Ultimate Presale Guide - Digital Download

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Hey cookie lady! Do you want to offer your community holiday cookies, but you aren't sure where to start? Or maybe you've done this before, but just need a little help with staying on track? Well, you're in the right place!

In this guide, I'm going to walk you through the entire process for preparing a presale, what I typically offer, and all of the supplies that you'll need! BONUS: I even made you some planning worksheets to help you along the way!

If you're on Instagram - take a peek at my highlight called "presale prep". In this highlight, I show behind-the-scenes photography set up for your website photos, website set-up using GoDaddy Online Store, and I touch on some packaging tips! 

What we'll go over: 

- Presale Prep Checklist

- What is a presale?

- Presale vs Pop-Up

- Communicating with Customers

- Making the Commitment

- Making a Budget

- Supplies List

- Things to Offer/Menu Creation

- Guidelines for Making Samples

- How to Determine Pricing w/ Examples

- Cookie Photography Do's & Don'ts 

- How to Stage Photos

- Creating an Order Form

- Accepting Payment

- Pick Up Times & Locations

- The Baking Process

- Packaging & Order Prep

- Managing Pick Ups

Also included are printables & planner pages to help you along the way!

Presale Planner, Bake List, and Icing Prep Sheet.

Thank you Cookie Cards, Thank you Name Tags, Cookie Care Instructions Card